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Making Big Moves In

San Diego, CA

     Not only do we love what we do, but we get to do it within the most beautiful city in the United States !

     One of the most amazing perks to the services we offer, is the person-centered approach we take when developing your loved one’s service plan. We tailor the service plan for your loved one to their needs and to the overall goals we are trying to accomplish together.

The Value We Bring

& Tailored
We care for your loved one’s at a home of their choice and in the community they choose to live in; all at times that better suite their lifestyle.
We offer opportunities that increase competence, quality of life, confidence and overall help reach their goals.
We can assist in establishing an independent and safe home environment, including locating a home, finding a roommate / direct care staff and acquiring household furnishings.
Made Easier
Eating, Meal Planning & Cooking
Administering of Medications
Bathing & Dressing
Personal Hygiene
House Cleaning & Maintenance
Personal Budgeting, Banking & Bill Pay
Scheduling Medical Services
Public Transportation Use
Emergency Planning
Exploring Community Resources

Client Guidelines

     All potential clients are more than welcome to apply, but there are a few things we think you should know.


     We welcome adults that are aged 18+ years of age and have a desire to live independently. Everyone is considered on a case by case basis and we do try to serve every need and goal to the best of our ability. All applicants are subject to their own approval process.


     We do not serve clients who have an alcohol and/or substance abuse addiction; we may consider those who are willing to enter a rehabilitation program and want to take the necessary steps toward a lifestyle of sobriety. We also do not serve clients who could continuously be aggressive with our staff or other clients. At this time we are also not prepared to service individuals with on-going need of fecal impaction removal, enemas, diastat suppositories, colostomy / ilestomy care or with needs for suctioning.


     If you have more questions or want to verify if you are a good fit to join our family, please reach out to us and our staff will be happy to help !

Your Community Loves Big Moves

We truly believe we were put on this earth to empower those with special needs. Every morning, we wake up with purpose, and that is to love and care for all our clients.

Jacqueline Caruso Larsen

The House is Beautiful! And Monica and Jason are wonderful caregivers ?

Marilynn Spotts

A wonderful opportunity for safely living “Happy, Joyous, and Free”!!!