Who We Are

Our Founder

     My name is Monica Helton and I am the founder of Big Moves Inc. Together, with my husband Jason we own and operate our corporation with a genuine heart of love for people with special needs. We are a family orientated business and everyone who becomes involved with our agency also becomes part of our family. We became a supported living agency for San Diego Regional Center in September of 2018 and have enjoyed every moment of it.

     This journey began many years before Big Moves Inc was even a thought or a plan in our future. It all started five years ago when we became direct care staff to two very special guys named Steven and Scott Arnott. At that time, I was a therapist for the criminal division of San Diego Superior Court and worked in the Substance Abuse Assessment Unit. My day was filled with social work, but it was a very emotionally draining career. It was an instant connection with our guys, and I fell in love with their purity of heart and the joy that was in our home at the end of the day. At that time, I knew I had found my true calling and eventually Big Moves Inc. was created.

     Today we pride ourselves in giving quality service. We always seek in retaining quality staff and treating them well because we want our clients to be treated wonderful too. We treasure each and every client and believe with them to help make their dreams come to life. We look forward to building a relationship with you.

Our Mission

To Never Give Up !

     At Big Moves, we believe that our mission is to enhance the lives of those with special needs. Helping them gain and develop full potential of their independence comes naturally to us. We believe in our mission statement that we are …

… Creating Our Tomorrows By What We Dream Today

      Our desire in life is to serve those families who want to increase their loved ones self-determination within a supported living arrangement.

     Not only do we give them hope and teach them new skillsets, but we help edify their lives and help them prosper in every area they are able to. We also make it a huge mission of ours to ensure they always feel valued and cherished; and that their voice matters in their lives and this world.


     Everything we do, is for them. We lead with our hearts and personal experience so that their disabilities are not the main focus, but how they will overcome the barriers that have been put in front of them by a force beyond their control.


     We believe that everyone deserves to have the freedom of choice in their lives. This opportunity is a Big Move for your loved one(s) and we will always do everything within our power to help make their dreams come true !

Jacqueline Caruso Larsen

The House is Beautiful! And Monica and Jason are wonderful caregivers ?

Marilynn Spotts

A wonderful opportunity for safely living “Happy, Joyous, and Free”!!!