Growing Together

How We Grow Together

     Relationship building with our client and their circle of support is a very important aspect of our company. We encourage family support and relationships by including their family and friends in things they are interested in, by helping them to know their neighbors and being active with them in their community and in different types of events.

     First, we will make sure they have healthy relationships within their own home. This is the first step in being independent…being happy and safe in your immediate surroundings. We will encourage healthy boundaries and create non-hostile environments in each home. We will create a family environment that produces a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. We will have family nights, family dinners, game nights, barbecues, outings and just days to do nothing so there is involvement but also time to rest. The best of both worlds.

     Another way we encourage family support and relationships is by including the clients in community events. They get to know their own area and city as well as build friendships or relationships with people around them. We believe this is especially helpful when they are out doing something on their own and they are familiar with their surroundings. It happens to all of us. Some people are just fine venturing off into unknown territory (whether it is on vacation or a new job, etc.) without a fear of not being familiar with anything that is new to them while there are others who will not even go into a store that is not familiar to them. We always encourage being aware of surroundings and is why community involvement is so important. It helps us know what is happening in our neighborhoods and it helps others to know us. By being involved it is simply fun.

The Reality

     Disability or not, some of us are very social beings while others not so much. We have a world full of personalities and that does not discriminate in any way, shape or form. However, we all have a bucket list of some kind so BIG MOVES, INC. desires to make dreams come true.


Your Community Loves Big Moves

We truly believe we were put on this earth to empower those with special needs. Every morning, we wake up with purpose, and that is to love and care for all our clients.

Jacqueline Caruso Larsen

The House is Beautiful! And Monica and Jason are wonderful caregivers ?

Marilynn Spotts

A wonderful opportunity for safely living “Happy, Joyous, and Free”!!!